About District

Valsad District was discussed at National and International level as it was birth place of the great person Shri Morarji Desai, Bharat Ratna and ex. prime minister of India. A part from this Valsad district is famous for Valsad aafus mangoes, world famous chemical factories at Atul, largest industrial estate at Vapi, famous Valsadi teak-wood. Valsad district is situated on south of Gujarat. There is a Arabian sea in west.

Tithal village situated at a distance of 5 kms from Valsad is being developed as tourist place as well as pilgrim place. There are “Sai Baba” temple in a splendid complex, Sadhana Centre of Jain Munis “Bandhu Triputi”, “Shantiniketan Complex”, “Swaminarayan Temple” of Akshar Purushottam BochasanVasi, etc, which neutrally attract tourists of various fields. The reason is, Tithal has a pleasing sea-shore. There are accommodations of Hotel “Toran” of Gujarat State Tourist Corporation, guest house of Roads and buildings department of the state govt. Hotel Tithal. Moreover, there are many hotels in Tithal for tourists to stay. There are a temple and complex of “Bhagwan Dattatreya” at village Pathri on Dharampur road of Valsad taluka. People of Valsad district have good faith in it is rapidly emerging as a tourist centre.