Valsad is an industrial base for sectors such as chemicals, textiles, and paper & pulp industries. Since the 1980s, textile and chemicals have been the major sectors of investments and employment in the district. Valsad is emerging as a horticulture hub of the State, witnessing significant production in food grains and crops.

With over 300 medium and large scale industries, Vapi is a major industrial center in Valsad. One of Asia’s largest Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) is present in Vapi,[citation needed] owned by Vapi Waste & Effluent Management Company and promoted by Vapi Industrial Association.

Over 10,716 units of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), involved in different sectors, such as chemicals, textiles, engineering, and paper industry, are present in the district.

Manufacturing of Medical Devices, Diagnostics Reagents & Instruments, Sutures and Orthopedic Implants.


Major horticulture crops that are produced in the district are mango,  chikoo, banana and sugarcane.