Title Date Description Address Download/Link
renewal of self-defense license 08/09/2018 Download(63 KB)
Certificate about being a Senior Citizen 08/09/2018 Download(55 KB)
New Member Addition in Ration Card (Form-3) 08/09/2018 Download(346 KB)
Form for New Bar coded Ration Card (Form-2) 08/09/2018 Download(815 KB)
Form for member deletion from Ration Card (Form-4) 08/09/2018 Download(431 KB)
Form for Duplicate Ration card (Form-9) 08/09/2018 Download(340 KB)
Form for Creating new Ration card by division (Form-5) 08/09/2018 Download(822 KB)
Application of arms license for Air weapon dealers 08/09/2018 Download(400 KB)
Application for Journey License 08/09/2018 Download(580 KB)
Application for allied services related to license issued 19/05/2017 Download(579 KB)